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Jamaica Gleaner


THE GOVERNOR, Lady Denham and Commander Rushbrooke afterwards went on to Sabina Park, to watch the football match between the Kingston Club and Trinidad, which Kingston won by one goal to nil.

THIS AFTERNOON the Governor and Lady Denham will attend the second football match between Jamaica and Trinidad at Sabina Park.

SABINA PARK has been the Mecca for football fans from the arrival of the Trinidad football team and most surprised are we to find so many enthusiasts amongst society people. Brigadier and Mrs. Langhorne, Lieut-Col. and Mrs. Fenn, Mr. and Mrs. Woolley, Rt. Rev. Bishop Hardie, Sir William Morrison, Hon. and Mrs. Camacho, Hon. S. R. Cargill, Sir Charles Doorly, Mr. Michael deCordova, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil deCordova; even His Excellency and Lady Denham left the races on Wednesday last to honour the match between Trinidad and Kingston with their presence. This so encouraged our players that they outplayed our visitors to win one--nil, the first game we have managed to carry of since their arrival.

OUR TRINIDAD football "invaders" went over to Dunn's River last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the bathing. Messrs. N. N. Nethersole, Leslie Mordecai and others from the Football Association went with them.

NEXT THURSDAY, 9th January Mr. W. H. Palmer, President of the J.F.A., and his daughter Miss Margaret Palmer, are giving an At Home at their residence for the visiting team which promises to be a big social event. Both His Excellency the Governor and Lady Denham have accepted the invitation to be present.

THE TEAM will be going on further excursions to the country tomorrow but will be returning to town the same day, as it is probable that an extra match will be arranged for Monday afternoon.

THEY PLAY St. George's Old Boys on Wednesday and the final match of the tour, vs. All-Jamaica next Saturday and will sail for Trinidad on Monday, 13th inst.