All-Jamaica Team For First Colonial Match

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

After the final trial match at Sabina Park on Saturday afternoon, the selectors chose the following to represent Jamaica against the visiting Trinidadian footballers in the first inter-colonial match which will be played at Sabina Park on Saturday afternoon:—

Goal: C. C. Passailaigue.
Backs: D. Peter and W. T. Hadden.
Halves: L. Parke, Capt. Harvey and L. Hitchins.
Forwards: J. Briggs, Alty Sasso, A. E. McKenzie, H. DaCosta and R. Kinkead.
Reserves: J. Groves, J. Sinclair, L. DeLeon and "Pinkie" Smith.


The following players have been finally selected by the Schools Committee to represent the Combined Schools in the opening match against the visiting Trinidadian football team at Sabina Park on Christmas Day:—

Goal: G. E. LaBeach (K.C.).
Backs: K. Williams (St. G.C.) and L. Gordon (K.C.).
Halves: S. O. Hill (St. G.C.) S. C. Scott (Munro) Capt., and H. G. Edwards (J.C.).
Forwards: G. Langford (Wolmers) R. Cooper (C.H.S.) V. Best (St. G. C.) C. C. Russel (Wolmers) and A. R. Moodie (Wolmers).
Reserves: K. Burrowes (J.C.) C. Rowe (C.H.S.) Richardson (St. G.C.) L. K. Brown (K.C.) P. S. Tennant (K.C.) Ricketts (St. G.C.) and March (K.C.).

All players and reserves as well are asked to call at Mr. G. M. DaCosta's Office at 57 Orange Street sometime during the day to-morrow for their passes.