Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Monday's Footer Trial Match.

Monday's football trial match will be even more interesting than usual, as a glance at the two sides chosen will show that the Association's plans for the All Jamaica side are beginning to take very definite shape.

I am delighted to see they have put Capt. Harvey back in the forward line, and here he will be playing alongside W. K. Dunleavy, who appears in the line for the first time. The other inside is Altv Sasso, a formidable trio.

For the wing positions it will be noticed that the Selectors are staging a real try out between Huntley DaCosta and Briggs for the right wing job, and Webster and Kinkead for the left—the best available at present playing in the position, though I still say I would like to see A. E. Mackenzie tried as a left outside.

As opposing centre halves they have Pinkie Smith and I. L. Sinclair, and I do not think they can possibly do better than one or the other for final selection. So that Mondays game will be
a pretty important one.

A Team by Passailaigue.

Here is a team picked by Sydney Passailaigue which follows fairly closely the ideas of the Selectors:

Dear Scotter—I attach hereto my suggestion of the best All-Jamaica team procurable at present. It is, in my opinion, well blended, the Forward Line being particularly
strong, the Half Line being sound in defence and constructive in attack, and the rear lines of defence as sound as possible.

I suppose that I will be criticised for placing Alty Sasso at centre forward, but that is his correct position by reason of the type of his play, which in any of the other inner positions, interferes with and destroys the formation of the Forward line.

As regards the inner and outer left positions, both McKenzie and daCosta can fill either position, but I give preference to DaCosta at the outer position because he is faster than McKenzie and can centre better, and McKenzie is the better shot and trickier, although not quite as good a worker as DaCosta.

I would certainly like to see the team I have suggested tried out.

What has become of Wolffe who used to play outside left for Kingston? Has he given up Football? If not, shouldn't he be the logical pick for the outside left position?

Yours very truly,

C. C. Passailaigue
K. L. Passailaigue, W. T. Hadden
L. Parke, Sinclair, Pinkie Smith
J. Briggs, Harvey, Dunleavy or A. Sasso, McKenzie, H. DaCosta.

As regards Wolffe, I understand he gave up First Division football this season, and is playing in one of the other Divisions.