A Jamaica XI vs "The Rest"

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

A Jamaica XI vs "The Rest."

A football fan sends me the following letter proving a form of trial match which has at any rate the merit of novelty. He suggests an XI of Jamaica born players to play an XI of players not born in the Island. The team he chooses for "The Rest" XI is a pretty good one, and would certainly give the Jamaicans a good run for their money—there is however, one objection to this form of trial match, and that is that is does not enable the probable Jamaica side for the Trinidad matches to get practice together—a very important matter. Otherwise the idea is an intersting one, and would be well worth trying out some time.

My correspondent says:—


"Dear Mr. Scotter,—In view of the coming invasion of the Trinidad Football Team, could we not try something novel in the way of experimenting?

A football match which would appeal to many, would be a team of native born players against Europeans now resident here.

A team composed of the following would give an excellent account of itself:—

A. D. Matthews, Thomas or Howie, Hadden, J. Waterhouse, R. W. Campbell, D. J. Addis, Boylan, Dunleavy, Capt. Harvey, Briggs, Woolf.

Most of the above men have played in more or less good football at some time or other.

The idea has several merits. It would give us an idea of just how good our own players are. It might possibly be the means of unearthing hitherto unknown talent—especially where local born players are concerned—and so on. I have been following our footer for about 20 years and have never in that time seen a match of this description.

Let us have a change. The proceeds, if any, could go towards the T.B. Memorial.

Perhaps if you reproduce this letter in your 'Spotlight' column, the idea might commend itself to the officials of the Jamaica Football Association.

With apologies for the nom-de-plum,