Trinidadians May Play in Montego Bay

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

My suggestion of a few days ago that the Jamaica Football Association should endeavour to do something in the programme of the coming visit of the Trinidad footballers to Jamaica, for the country players, I am pleased to state, has, to a certain extent, been complied with by the Association, in that some consideration has been given the country players and their followers.

In an interview with an official of the J.F.A. the day after the publication of my article dealing, with the subject, I learnt that during the tournament, the visitors may be going over to Montego Bay for three days, and it is quite reasonable to expect that with so many days at their disposal a match will be arranged in that town by the Cornwall County Board.


While the Jamaica Football Association are quite willing to have a picked team from the country come over to Kingston for this invasion, I am informed, because of great financial strain it now has in connection with various arrangements of the tour, it does not see its way to further increase its expenditure. But in consideration on the part of the country players and those who support the games in the country, the Association has very reasonably and wisely written to the County of Cornwall Football Board intimating its intention of giving the visiting players the opportunity of visiting the country parts, and that they will be at the disposal of the Cornwall Board to arrange a match down there on their own.

Now, to be quite impartial, I do feel that under the circumstances the J.F.A, has done its part in this respect. For I know personally of visits to Kingston or to Montego Bay, as the case might be, sponsored by the Association which have turned out to be absolute failures—not from a playing point of view, but from the gate receipts. Not knowing the large expenditure of the J.F.A. until I was told by this official, I suggested that something should be done in matching a country combination against the visiting Trinidadians. But it was not a matter of bringing up


specifically to Kingston to oppose the visitors that inspired me to make the suggestion. It could have been the other way about. I was only interested in having some consideration given to the country players who, not being players of any of the Kingston clubs, might not be given a chance to show their worth. The J.F.A., because of the extent of their expenditure to date, does not see its way to bring over a country team, but as they would, in any event, have given their guests a trip to one or two of the country towns—a sort of sightseeing excursion—before their departure, they called the attention of the Board of Cornwall to the fact that they could arrange to have their players meeting the Trinidadians in a match while they are in Montego Bay.

In whatever light this move on the part of the Association might be viewed, there is this fact that they have made it possible for the county players of Cornwall to meet the visiting players, and this opportunity I hope, the Board of Cornwall will not allow to go unaccepted—if but for the encouragement of their players in testing their prowess with the tourists, and the satisfaction of supporters of the games in those parts.