Sports Editor's Diary

L. D. Roberts
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Carib soccer set for great future

AIM OF THE Caribbean Football Association to put Caribbean soccer on a unified basis is a step in the right direction. It is a move which is certain to have the enthusiastic support of the different countries concerned. There are obvious hurdles, but the preliminary efforts and early progress have been so encouraging that the success of the venture seems assured.

Commander Charles Hayward, that dynamic worker and his equally alert committee have set out to achieve something big for soccer in these parts, and we ail look forward anxiously to the day when a combined Caribbean team will be one of the contestants in the soccer world series. Indeed, Carib-soccer is set for a great future.

Here In Jamaica, our own Football Association are going ahead and caused a satisfying surprise by deciding to bring out to Jamaica to play in the series two Jamaican lads who have made a sensational name for themselves in English League and Scottish League football. The decision to invite out Gillie Heron and Lindy Delapenha is a gesture of great magnitude and has enhanced the already high esteem in which the Jamaica Football Association is held. It is something which throughout the Island people who follow sports and even those who do not, richly appreciate.

The JFA have gone to considerable expense in bringing out these two players, and I feel confident that the practical appreciation of our sports loving people will be reflected by the mammoth crowds who come out to see them. The crowds must play their part in this history-making event, for the playing of Heron and Delapenha will not only be an education to the youngsters coming up, but also a lesson to the members of the visiting team.