Carib Stars Impress In First Soccer Outing

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Jamaica Gleaner

Colourful mid-field work on strange field

CARIBBEAN ALL-STARS ...................... 4 (Jacques Banguillot 2, Charles Banguillot 2)
SECONDARY SCHOOLS XI ................. 0

YESTERDAY SABINA PARK'S unfamiliar playing surface allied with the fact that strange players from different countries were playing together for the first time temporarily robbed the Caribbean All-Stars of effective striking power. As the game progressed their midfield work became immaculate and they played within themselves to give a satisfying preview of things to come.

Before the game commenced members of the participating teams were introduced to Commander Charles Hayward, president of the Caribbean Football Association. The Suffragan Bishop of Kingston, Rt. Rev. P. W. Gibson, who was down to meet the team was unavoidably absent.

Referee Bunny Barber and referees Johnny Wong Sam and Cyril Taylor officiating as linesmen handled the game.

The schoolboys kicked off and created early excitement as they moved into the opposing area in a movement which could have been dangerous if centre forward Nelson had not misjudged a forward pass.

It was quickly seen that the visitors were not at home on the fast Sabina Park, particularly in the immediate area surrounding the cricket pitches. Even then it was noticed that they were pursuing the intelligent process of 'feeling out' each other.

Whilst the strangers were working up to some cohesion on their team, the schoolboys were given opportunities of attacking but they showed a lack of purposeful play on the forward line, particularly at the inside right and outside right positions.

Douglas at his best

Intermittent shots were taken at goal, but Douglas between the sticks was in his best form and brought off some grand saves. The pressure however was increasing and the first goal came in the twelfth minute.

Outside left Andre Vieux dribbled well upfield and crossing the path of the speeding Graham took a strong low shot which Douglas deflected from the goal. He fell however in the process and a well-positioned Jacques Banguillot tapped into an unprotected citadel.

Until the half ended the All-Stars, slowly but irrevocably were working more into a team.

From the whistle for the second stanza the winners started clicking. Allan Joseph dominated the middle, whilst Gerry Parsons covered exceptionally well at full-back.

The second goal was again initiated by Andre Vieux who had been moved to centre forward, Banguillot to inside left and Moore to the left wing.

Moving the ball neatly with inside dribbling Vieux travelled right on to the goal line and swung back for the advancing Charles Banguillot to push to the far corner, giving Douglas little chance.

Two minutes later the score rose to 3-0. Jacques Banguillot accepted a pass from the scheming Vieux and crashed past Douglas.

Within another two minutes the final goal was scored in the top movement of the game. The Banguillots, Moore and Vieux went away on a Joseph pass, then let through Charles Banguillot on the penalty area to carry the ball around an advancing keeper and tap into the empty goal.

For the rest of the game the Caribbean All-Stars got much needed team practice.

Heron practices

After the game one thousand fans sighed, applauded and showed their satisfaction in different ways as ace Gillie Heron practiced and dispatched jet-propelled shots which the great Ronnie Cooper with ridiculous ease.

Surinam players Michel Kruin, Humphrey Mynals, Rudie Kamperveen and Haiti's Roldan Lacossade arrived yesterday.

The teams

ALL STARS: Joey Gonsalves (Capt.), goal; Gerry Parsons, right back; Andre Dieudonne, left back; Rafael Guillen, right half; Allan Joseph, centre half; Yvon Dorceans, left half; Paul Desrosiers, outside right; Charles Banguillot, inside right; Jacques Banguillot, centre forward; Maurice Moore, inside left and Andre Vieux, outside left.

SCHOOLS XI: Lawson Douglas, (Capt.), goal; Alfred Graham, right back; Rodrick Maston, left back; Donald Davidson, right half; Freddie Grant, centre half; Cecil Belnavis, left half; Jerome Walters, outside right; Barrington Edwards, inside right; Nelson, centre forward; Gilfillian, inside left and Melvin Watson, outside left.

[photo caption]

LAWSON DOUGLAS, All-Schools custodian is seen on the ground at Sabina Park, yesterday, where he fell after a brilliant save from outside left Vieux; but, whilst there, he was unable to save Jacques Banguillot's shot which brought the first goal in the Caribbean All Stars 4-0 defeat of the Secondary Schools XI.