Football tournament starts today

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Jamaica Gleaner

Schoolboys meet Caribbean All-Stars at Sabina Park

Today! International Football Series

THIS AFTERNOON at Sabina Park an experiment to place Caribbean soccer on a unified basis begins when the Caribbean All-Stars team led by Trinidad's Joey Gonsalves meet the Jamaica Secondary Schools XI in the first of a six-match series.

Referee Bunny Barber gets the assignment and the teams will be introduced to the Sufragan Bishop of Kingston, Rt. Rev. P. W. Gibson, prior to the start of the game.

The highest standard of football ever seen in Jamaica is expected in today's match as the best talent available in the Caribbean is placed on trial against the keen and vigorous school team so anxious to establish a name at the expense of the more famous aggregation.

Mr. Eric James, manager and sole selector of the touring team, will name his side sometime today. But for the fact that the Surinam players Kruin, Mynals, and Kamperveen were due to arrive as late as this afternoon the team would have been named last night.

THE SCHOOLS XI is: Lawson Douglas (KC) captain; Graham (St. George's) right back; Rodrick Maston (Munro) left back; Davidson (JC) right half; Freddie Grant (JC) centre half; Cecil Belnavis (KC) left half; Jerome Walters (KC) outside right; Barrington Edwards (Munro) inside right; Nelson (Munro) centre forward; Gilfillian (KC) inside left and Melvin Watson (KC) outside left.

Reserves— Edwards (Wolmer's) Lewis (St George's) Gibson (KC). Schoolboys will wear white shorts.

There is much punch on the schoolboy frontline. Nelson is a powerful shot and what he lacks in craft is well made up for in the unrelenting pressure which he places on opposing full backs.

But it is certain that soccer fans will have a satisfying preview of the visiting stars in today's game. Skipper Joey Gonsalves, who is rated as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, will be leading the All-Stars team and Allan Joseph the master dribbler stands duty at centre half with the great Gerry Parsons at right back.

Cocktail Party

Last night JFA president Granville daCosta gave a cocktail party for members of the All-Stars and Jamaica teams, visiting delegates to the CFA conference and members of the local Council at Mimosa Lodge Hotel.

With the exception of the Surinam players and Haiti's Ronald Lacossade whi had to stay behind for a game yesterday all the team is here. The others arrive tomorrow.

Players Jacques Banguillot, Charles Banguillot (Guadeloupe) and Rafael Baez Guillen (Puerto Rico) came in by Pan-Am Flight 224 on Saturday morning. Trinidad's Joey Gonsalves, Allan Joseph, Delbert Charleau and Gerry Parsons touched down on Saturday night on flight 391. B.G.'s Manny DeSouza and Maurice Moore came on this flight also.

Haiti's Andre Dieudonne, Yvon Dorceans, Paul Desrosiers and Andre Vieux came in yesterday by PA flight 224.

Medicos for soccer tourney

A SEXTET of medicos have been named honorary surgeons by the Jamaica Football Association for the Caribbean tournament which begins at Sabina Park this afternoon.

The panel is: Drs. V. Sutherland, J. A. Narcisse, W. H. Escoffery, L. E. Arnold, K. Sleem and H. D. Chambers, jnr.

To cope with the possibility of sudden and important decisions having to be made on the spot the JFA have delegated supreme authority to president Granville daCosta and secretary Harry Walker until the next meeting of the Association.

[photo caption]

A TRIO of Caribbean stars of the big-ball game is seen in action at Melbourne Park during practice for the six-game series beginning today against the Combined Secondary Schools XI at Sabina Park. At left Joey Gonsalves, Trinidadian skipper of the Carib touring team, save a high one; at centre Jacques Banguillot, inside forward from Guadeloupe, heads in; and right, Manny Desousa of British Guiana centres.