T&T opens World Cup Qualifying with a loss

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Today Trinidad and Tobago lost it's first World Cup qualifier to Costa Rica. Ronaldo Gomez hit a shot from 30 yards in the 57th minute to put Costa Rica up for good.

Trinidad and Tobago was without Dwight Yorke who was injured last week in a league game in England and David Nahkid who was not released by his club Al Ansar. The starting in defence was under 23 player Avery John.. This may have been the key to the lost. Without Nahkid and Yorke, Latapy was forced to play a more defensive role. This put more pressure on Rougier and Marcelle to create more offence. The two found it difficult to get pass a difficult Costa Rican defence.

Earlier in the fiist half Russell Latapy was injured when a tackle from Gonzalez put him out of the game in the second half. He was substituted for by Arnold Dwarika who along with Stern John tried to get things started. However, everything was lost when the final whistle blew.


Ross Russell, Richard Theodore, Craig Demmin, Avery John, Ancil Elcock, Brian Haynes (Evans Wise), Anthony Rougier, Russel Latapy (Arnold Dwarika) Angus Eve, Leonson Lewis (Stern John) and Clint Marcelle.

Trinidad and Tobago's next game is on October 6th at home versus Guatemala. Anything but a win will be a disaster.