Lose At Soccer

Date Published: 
Cornell Alumni News

The soccer team lost its third game of the season November 13 to Dartmouth at Hanover, 4-0.

A goal by Curtis in the first minute of play put Cornell on the defensive, but the Ithacans kept the ball in Dartmouth territory the greater part of the first half, except in the second period, when the Indians scored on an easy shot.

A slippery field hampered the play, but Dartmouth's kicking and passing proved the deciding edge. Led by Captain Stollmeyer, Dartmouth forced the fighting in the second half and scored two more goals.

Higgins and Seranati played well on the forward line for the Ithacans, and Bennett was outstanding on defense. The playing of Chapman at goal guard was below par.

The lineups:

    Chapman -  G   - Bennett
    Bennett - RFB  - Allabough
       Toth - LFB  - Stollmeyer
    Winslow - RHB  - Flaccus
    Kappler - CHB  - Robinson
    Mueller - LHB  - McNicol
    Higgins - OR   - Hitchcock
Dogny-Larco - IR   - Richardson
    Olditch - CF   - Sheldon
   Seranati - IL   - Curtis
   Williams - OL   - Brabbee

Goals: Curtis 2, Sheldon, Robinson.

Substitutions: Cornell, Jackson for Chapman, Taylor for Kappler, Krieger for Dogny-Larco. Dartmouth, Holm for Flaccus, Gregory for Holm.

Referee, Hart. Time of quarters, 22 minutes.