Hanover Yearlings Defeat Soccer Team

Date Published: 
The MIT Tech

Dartmouth's Soccer team overwhelmed the Tech Freshman 7-1 on the Coop Field, Saturday afternoon. The Dartmouth boys played a far superior game, but only three of the invaders goals were earned as the others were flukes. The ball was down in Tech's territory most of the time, except for a few attacks by the home team. But just after the second half began, Tech took the ball down the field, and due to some fine passing and dribbling on the part of Velez, it finally resulted in Axford booting the ball through the net out of the reach of Scott, Dartmouth goalie.


     M.I.T. -        - Dartmouth
       Lieu -  Goal  - Scott
      Chipp - L.F.B. - Burnett
     Sparre - R.F.B. - Parkins
     Gaston - L.H.B. - Alexander
 Fragiacomo - C.H.B. - Loilger
     Newman - R.H.B. - LaForge
     Axford -  O.L.  - Jeffries
Chayabongse -  I.L.  - McNichol
      Velez -  C.F.  - Stollmeyer
 Serrallach -  I.R.  - Davis
     Shulze -  O.R.  - Richardson

Substitutions: For M.I.T.--Gallese for Newman, Newman for Serrallach, Hanson for Lieu.
Goals: For Dartmouth--Stollmeyer 3, Jeffries, Richardson, Davis, McNichol.
Goals: For M.I.T.--Axford.
Referee--Majola, B.R.A.