Varsity Booters Lose 7 To 3 To Dartmouth Team

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The MIT Tech

Freshmen Unable to Score on Big Green Yearlings--Lose 2 to 0
Schultz, Velez, and Kashemsanta Score Spectacular Goals for Technology

Both the Varsity and freshman soccer teams were defeated at Hanover by the Dartmouth booters on Saturday in two very fast games. The score of the Varsity game was 7 to 3 while the freshmen were beaten 2 to 0 by the recreational team which was composed chiefly of 1933 men.

The Engineer Varsity was peppering the Dartmouth goal in the beginning, but the goalee made some fine stops of hard fast shots. It was not until Dartmouth broke through for a point that Velez scored for Technology. Just before the end of the half Egan of Dartmouth scored off a pass from Stollmeyer who was the star of the opposing team, making four of their goals and passing for the rest.

Although there were many fouls called, the game got rougher and in a scrimmage Youngson had his right elbow dislocated and was taken out of the game. The engineers started an attack but their shots went high. Following this, Dartmouth scored two goals in rapid succession. In the fourth quarter Schultz scored from 20 yards out, the ball going through the Dartmouth fullback and goalee.

Both teams were tiring in the last quarter and Stollmeyer dribbled through for two more points. Kashemsanta put the final Technology goal through the uprights with a fast shot. Fragiacomo was kicked in the (continued on page 3)

Freshman Booters Make Freak Goal for Opponents in First Quarter

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foot and Cooper was shifted to center half.

J. A. Mishart of Weymouth, Mass., umpired both games and said that the Varsity game which began at 3 o'clock was the fastest collegiate game he had refereed in two years. He went with the Technology squads in the bus, and admitted that he had a lot of running to do.

In the freshman game which commenced at 1 o'clock Technology started off with a drive toward the Green goal which was stopped by Fitzgerald. Mayer then halted a Dartmouth attack and Sinkervic of M. I. T. just missed a hard shot. When Dartmouth recovered control of the ball and brought it down the field it accidentally struck the head of one of the Technology backfield and went through the goal. The half ended without further scoring.

On the opening of the second half Technology pressed the Dartmouth goal but poor shooting prevented the scores. Finally Hitchcock made a shot from close range and scored, after he had got around Mayer of Technology, who held the forward line in check previously.

The entire soccer squad went up in a bus and it took 7 hours including a stop in Manchester for supper. Most of the men were put up in the Field House for the night and the morning was spent in ambling about the campus. After the games the group left immediately for Boston and arrived, most of them asleep, at 2 o'clock Sunday morning.

The lineups were as follows:

Wyman, goal -- goal, Biesel
Hawkins, rf -- rf, Perkins
Riehl, lf -- lf, Stark
Cooper, rhb -- rhb, King
Fragiacomo, chb -- chb, Stone
Newman, lhb -- lhb, Morr
Schultz, or -- or, Richardson
Velez, ir -- ir, Egar
Kashemsanta, c -- c, Stollmeyer
Youngson, il -- il, Nichols
Yrbulayamoncal, ol -- ol, Schmitz

Substitutions. M. I. T., Ryan for Cooper, Cooper for Fragiacomo, Serrallach for Youngson, Axford for Serrallach. Dartmouth. Allan for Kink, Holden for Allan, Gifford for Stone, Allan for Gifford.

Referee, J. A. Mishart, Weymouth, Mass.


Mayer, goal -- goal, Zimmerman
Kessler, rf -- rf, Flaccus
Haas, if -- if, Fitzgerald
Conway, rhb -- rhb, Schulte
Snow, chb -- chb, Robinson
Bateman, lhb -- lhb, Loose
Flint, or -- or, Hitchcock
Way, ir -- ir, Mandt
Sinkervic, c -- c, Barkee
Handley, il -- il, Bruchner
King, ol -- ol, McCormack


Referee, J. A. Mishart, Weymouth, Mass.