British Guiana Footballers To Meet Peruvian Team

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, June 21 (from the "Mirror").

British Guiana is inviting A. Charles and Harold Achong, two Trinidad star footballers to play in combined West Indies-Guiana test matches against a Peruvian football team. Paris from Barbados is also invited and so is Nahar from Surinam.

The Executive Committee of the B.G. Football Association met recently to consider what terms to offer the touring Peruvian football team which desires to tour British Guiana, says the "Daily Chronicle."

Mr. F. O. Franker, Vice-President occupied the chair in the absence of the acting President, Chief Justice Rector Josephs, K.C. Others present were Messrs. D. P. Collette (Secretary), P. C. Cox (Treasurer), H. Strachan [illegible] and C. S. Thomas (Referees' Council).

It was agreed to invite the Peruvian touring team to visit British Guiana between August and October to play a series of about eight games, which will include combined West Indies-Guiana tests. B.G. tests, and one or two club matches.

The tournament is estimated to last two weeks. The following players will be invited to represent the other colonies in the combined Colonies XI: A. Charles and H. Achong (Trinidad), Paris (Barbados) and Nahar (Surinam).

The visitors will be offered 50 per cent of the gross receipts.