Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Welcome To Trinidad.

Jamaica extends a hearty welcome to the Trinidad football team which arrives in the island to-day. This is the first time in the sporting history of the two colonies that they have met on the football field, and there is naturally very great interest here in seeing just how Jamaica will shape up against them. Trinidad has always possessed a very strong football side, and they get a lot of international practice against neighbouring countries—British Guiana, Barbados, Dutch Guiana, etc.: practice of a kind that we in Jamaica get practically none of, so that the odds to that extent are in favour of the Trinidad boys. Nevertheless, Jamaica is lucky in possessing this season perhaps the strongest side she has had for many years, especially in attack; so that, if our visitors win they will have the satisfaction of knowing they have beaten Jamaica's best.

The Trinidad team will be staying at the Y.M.C.A., and there is an official welcome lunch for them there to-day, at which His Worship the Mayor will preside.

Following is the full programme of matches for the tour:—

December 25th—Combined Schools v. Trinidad.
26th—Sherwood Foresters v. Trinidad.
28th—Jamaica v. Trinidad.
January 1st—Kingston v. Trinidad.
4th—Jamaica v. Trinidad.
8th—St. George's Old Boys v. Trinidad.
11th—Jamaica v. Trinidad.

Picking The Jamaica XI.

Although the Jamaica side for the first Colony match next Saturday has not yet been selected, it is likely that it will be the same as played in the trial game on Saturday, that is as follows: goal, C. C. Passailaigue; backs, D. Peter, W. T. Hadden; halves, L. Parke, J. L. Sinclair, E. A. Hendriks; forwards, J. H. Briggs, A. E. McKenzie, W. E. Dunleavy, Capt. Harvey, H. R. DaCosta; reserves, Pinkie Smith, V. M. Moodie, L. deLeon, R. Kinkead.

There are only two criticisms I have to make of this selection—I do not like to see two such good and experienced players as Willie Passailaigue and Alty Sasso left out of the side, especially in the first of the three inter-Colony matches, when experience must inevitably count more than in the later games.

While Peter, who takes Passailaigue's place, and McKenzie who is in Basso's, are both players who have claims to election, I hold that, if the selectors want to experiment the time to do it is emphatically not in the first game.

Barring this, however, the team is as strong as could be got, and is bound to give a good account of itself.