Trinidad Footballer To Play In England

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Jamaica Gleaner

Alfred CharlesAlfred Charles

The Trinidad "Mirror" of October 26 says:—

"Mr. Alfred Charles, Captain of Everton Football Club and Trinidad's greatest footballer, will be leaving the Colony on Tuesday in the C.S. Coronado for England, were he will join one of the most popular League clubs in Lancashire.

Mr. L. N. Constantine, Trinidad's famous cricketer, who returned to the Colony on October 15, on holiday was instrumental in bringing Mr. Charles' prowess as a footballer to the notice of the English clubs.

The cables have been busy within the past few days transmitting messages between Mr. Constantine and the club concerned, and the personal recommendation of "Learie" was the deciding factor with the club.

Mr. Charles is 24 years of age and like "Learie," is a non-smoker, and total abstainer. He takes football seriously and his personality and example were to a great extent responsible for the consistent performances of his club."