What's The Score

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

School Visit

Jamaica had a decidedly attractive offer of a visit from a combined school side from Trinidad later in the present year, but, to my mind, somewhat short-sightedly, turned it down.

Partly this was because it was thought it might be too soon after the Haitian visit; but the main reason seems to have been that McClean, the Trinidad player, told us the Trinidad boys would be far too good for the Jamaica schools; that one school alone, St. Mary's, would be able to beat the combined Jamaica School side easily.

This would hardly seem to be correct in view of the fact that Haiti beat the combined Trinidad schools 7 nil, but could only heat the Jamaica Cubs (who were practically the All School side) 2-1 in a very close match.

However there is still some hope that the visit may come off, with such enthusiasts as Roy Lawrence working on it.

If it does, it would be an undoubted success from any point of view, particularly the financial, since school football always draws the biggest gates in Jamaica, and we have never yet had a school-boy visit.

In Trinidad

Trinidad seem to have got the measure of the Haitian side, after their first test, giving them 4-nil in the second match last Saturday; and will in all probability repeat their victory in the final match this Saturday.

Which leaves us with the interesting speculation, would Jamaica be able to beat Trinidad to-day?

Judging by the very scanty accounts we have s received of the matches, Haiti seems to be suffering from the same thing that they did over here, inability to keep up the pace throughout the game.

We are not likely to be able to try conclusions with Trinidad this season at any rate; as there is some possibility of an English side coming out to the West Indies, to say nothing of the hope that we may, after all, be able to get this Trinidad school side.