Accident Insurance Fund Formed By The Trinidad F.A.

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Jamaica Gleaner

Principle Accepted For Protection For Players Of Affiliated Clubs—£100 To Nearest Relative Of Player Who Dies From Injuries In Game—Rules Passed.

The following is reproduced from the Port-of-Spain "Gazette" of October 2nd:—

The Council of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association has accepted the principle of protection for players registered with clubs affiliated to the Association.

This takes the form of a Benevolent Fund, called "the Accident Insurance Fund" which the Association has decided to inaugurate.

The following Rules for the administration of this Fund were passed at a meeting of the Council, held last Friday evening.


The T.A.F.A (hereinafter called the Association) shall institute a Benevolent Fund to be denominated "The Accident Insurance Fund" (hereinafter called the Fund) for the purposes and subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing:—


(a) The Association shall require subscriptions to be paid not later than the 1st of July in each and every year. Save that if any Club is formed and affiliated to the Association after the 1st. July, in any year, the subscription of that Club shall be paid withing seven days of its affiliation to the Association.

(b) The said subscription shall be of the sum of £10.0. in respect of each and every team played in any division by all clubs affiliated to the Association.

If any Club shall be in default of payment of it subscriptions, then for the period of such default the Members of the defaulting club shall be deprived of any benefits from the Fund.


(c) The Fund shall be administered and operated on behalf of the Association, by a Claims Committee, consisting of the President, the Honorary Secretary-Treasurer, and three other members of the Association to be elected at the time of the Annual Election of teh Committees of the Association by the Council.

When Benefits Shall Be Payable

(d) If in the course of any game played under the auspices of the Association any player sustains any injury, he shall be entitled to and be paid from the Fund the following benefits and no more.

Amounts Which Shall Be Paid

(i) In the event of a fatal injury, the sum of £100.0. shall be paid to the nearest relatives of the deceased player.

(ii) In the event of a permanent disablement: the lump sum of £10 or if he shall have been paid any amounts under (ii) hereunder before the disablement shall have appeared to be permanent, the balance require to make up that sum after deducting the aggregate of the amounts so paid to him.

(iii) In the event of a temporary disablement of a nature severe enough to cause the player to be laid up at his home or hospital: the sum of £10.0. per week during the period of such disablement, provided however that no such player shall receive benefits for a period longer than six weeks in respect to any one occasion of injury.

(iv) In the event of any injury other than as aforesaid, all expenses incurred by the player consequent upon his injury, provided however, that no more than the sum of £30.0. be paid to any player in respect of any one occasion of injury.


(e) If at the date of the said Annual meeting above specified of the Association the fund shall be in excess of £1000.0. the said annual meeting may by resolution in that behalf reduce the subscriptions payable to the Fund to any sum which it deems fit, or increase the benefits payable out of the Fund according as such reslution may declare.


(f) If in the course of any year the Fund shall become exhausted and thereby unable to meet good and valid the demands upon it, the Association shall advance to the Fund for the balance of the current year, such sums as may be necessary, and at the end there of shall make an equal levy upon all Clubs contributing to the Fund for that year sufficient to reimburse the total amount advanced as aforesaid: the said levy shall be paid withing two weeks of notice given by the Claims Committee that such a levy requires to be made.


(g) If any Club shall make default in the payment of its subscription or levy, then for and throughout the period of such default its members shall be disentitled to any of the benefits of the Fund.


(h) In the event of any claim being rejected by the Claims Committee, the claimant player shall have the right of appeal to the Council of the Association whose decision shall be final.


(i) No player making any claim from the Fund shall in respect of any injury, institute or prosecute in any Court of Law against any player, referee, or official of the Association, any action, suit, proceeding, or any other legal process whatever upon pain of being disqualified from any participation in the benefits of the Fund.