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1950-12-30Caribbean Football Association To Promote Regional FriendshipJamaica Gleaner
1951-01-04Commander Hayward Passes ThroughJamaica Gleaner
1951-07-09West Indian Table TalkLondonerJamaica Gleaner
1951-09-18JFA Head For Carib ConfabJamaica Gleaner
1951-09-22What's The ScoreG. St. C. ScotterJamaica Gleaner
1951-09-25Carib Soccer Talks BeginJamaica Gleaner
1951-10-01West Indian Soccer Team To Play HereJamaica Gleaner
1951-10-04What's The ScoreG. St. C. ScotterJamaica Gleaner
1951-12-04Cardus bemoans state of world cricketJamaica Gleaner
1951-12-22'Sportsman' scores in season reviewJamaica Gleaner
1952-01-10JFA Council Calls For Intense TrainingJamaica Gleaner
1952-01-16B.G. Get Two PlacesJamaica Gleaner
1952-01-17Soccer drills begin todayJamaica Gleaner
1952-01-25Carib Football Team Named For First Series HereJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-06All Caribbean vs JamaicaJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-07Soccer Tour: Parsons: a sound backJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-08Soccer tour: meet Joey Gonsalves, the skipperJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-08The Football StarsJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-11International Football SeriesJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-11Delapenha coming for soccer tournamentJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-12Heron is coming to prop soccer XIJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-13Carib soccer tour: meet the versatile CharleauJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-14Soccer tour: powerful Carib team comingJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-15Soccer tour: meet three of the starsJamaica Gleaner
1952-02-18Mayor Opens CFA Conference TodayJamaica Gleaner