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1998-11-20T&T Drops In RankingMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-11-23Nixon Puts Away TwoMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-11-25Nixon Behind 8 BallMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-12-04Yorke Lights It UpMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-12-04Alvin Corneal's Free HeaderAlvin CornealTTFOL
1998-12-07Under 17 Closer To Next RoundMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-12-11Under 17's Into Next RoundMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-12-17Latapy Continues Good RunMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-12-21T&T Women Lay Down The LawMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-12-28Jack Top GoalieMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-04Latapy Scores In Hibs RoutMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-07Blatter: World Cup Every Two YearsMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-11Yorke And Man U Blitz HislopMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-15In The Starting LineupMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-18Yorke Scores Hat TrickMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-22T&T For Pan Am GamesMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-25T&T To Face MexicoMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-01-29T&T To Hold Camp In EuropeMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-02-02Yorke Heads Way To Premiership LeadMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-02-09Yorke Scores Two in Man U RompMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-02-12In The Starting LineupMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-02-16Under 17's Suffer BigMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-02-19T&T To Play Club InsteadMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-02-26In The Starting LineupMarc PurcellTTFOL
1999-04-22Yorke Powers Man U To FinalMarc PurcellTTFOL