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1998-08-10Warner To The Rescue AgainMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-08-13Joe Public CrushedMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-08-16More Goals For JohnMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-08-20Yorke Hits The Big TimeMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-08-24Yorke DisappointingMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-08-27Women Get Ready For TournamentMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-09-14The Women Show The WayMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-09-16T&T moves up in FifaMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-09-21John Scores AgainMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-09-25Can John Be Beat?Marc PurcellTTFOL
1998-09-27Stern John: The Top MLS ManMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-02Alvin Corneal's Free HeaderAlvin CornealTTFOL
1998-10-02T&T To Play Manchester UnitedMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-05One Down, One More To GoMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-09John Ready To Go Prime TimeMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-16Stern John Ready For Round TwoMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-19John Forces Game ThreeMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-23And The Winner Is...Marc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-26Latapy Impressive In Hibernian DebutMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-10-30John Concludes US SeasonMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-11-06Alvin Corneal's Free HeaderAlvin CornealTTFOL
1998-11-06John Wants OutMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-11-09Yorke And Man U FalterMarc PurcellTTFOL
1998-11-13All Stars Fall 2-0Marc PurcellTTFOL
1998-11-16All Stars Tie South KoreaMarc PurcellTTFOL