Sports Editor's Diary

L. D. Roberts
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Soccer Tournament

COACH ARTHUR MacKenzie made some good points in his criticism of the policy of the Jamaica Football Association concerning the preparations for the visit of the Trinidad football team. He is right about the number of coaches appointed, since this can only lead to confusion and conflict of ideas. He is correct too, that the captain should have been named weeks ago, instead of only just now. Also that many more schoolboys from the Manning Cup competition should have been invited to the trials, if only for the moral lift that they would gain.

The JFA showed no imagination by arranging for a match between St. George's College and the Trinidadians, instead of a match with an All-Schools side. Such a game would have been a big public attraction.

I disagree with him about the Physical Training Instructor. His argument that if the players were not fit at the end of the season, after playing from last September until now, when they will be fit. It is for this very reason that a Physical Training Instructor is necessary.

The season has not been a good one which is perhaps the reason for the indecision leading up to the final selection of the team.