Crimson Soccer Term To Invade M.I.T. Today

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

University Team To Enter Contest A Favorite

           HARVARD -- M.I.T.
         Henry, g. -- g. Wyman
 Stollmeyer, l.f.b -- r.f.b., Hawkins
      Clark, r.f.b -- l.f.b. Richl
     Booth, l.h.b. -- r.h.b., Cooper
   Kerness, c.h.b. -- c.h.b., Cline
      Rudd, r.h.b. -- l.h.b., Fahey
         Vogel, c. -- c., Mong
    Driggs, l.o.f. -- r.o.f., Baroudi
   Langdon, l.i.f. -- r.i.f., Ventura
   Baskell, r.o.f. -- l.o.f., Sparre
     Barnes, r.i.f -- l.i.f., Sacco

Formal soccer relations will be opened with M. I. T. this afternoon at 4 o'clock on the Tech Field when the University booters face the Technology players in the first regularly scheduled soccer match between the two institutions. Previous games have been of an informal nature held largely as practice contests.

The Crimson team will enter this afternoon's game a favorite, having shown marked improvement since its defeat at the hands of Pennsylvania, and having demonstrated great drive in the Brown game Saturday.