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Trinidad Guardian



THERE CAN have been but few who have taken more interest in the sporting matters of Trinidad than the gentlemen who was generally know as "Prid."

I HAVE JUST RECEIVED a tremendous screed from him, and every line of it goes to prove that his love for Trinidad sport is no where near dead yet.

HE THANKS ME for seeing that he never has to go without his "Trinidad Guardian" for more than the space between mails, and follows our doings as closely as I do myself.

"PRID" was heart-broken over the failure of the arrangements which were moot as to the visit of the Tottenham Hotspur Club to Trinidad and B.G. and tells me that the first class football world in England is not too pleased with the lukewarm efforts of the two Colonies.

BLAME SEEMS to be put more on Demerara that Trinidad by reason of their excuse to the effect that "the time was not opportune, by reason of the wet weather."

THIS EXCUSE caused considerable amusement in English football circles, for it seemed to suggest that Demerara fondly imagined that Tottenham must visit them in their own season and thereby cancel all their English League and Cup fixtures.

SIR F. WALL, President of the English Football Association told Prideaux that the terms offered by the Tottenham Hotspurs were "surprisingly good" and emphasised the high standard of social and playing powers of that Club.

BUT READ "PRID" for yourselves:—

"NOW for the sequel. Jamaica approached the 'Spurs' to be included in their proposed tour which they had read about in the "Trinidad Guardian." Mr. Roberts, the 'Spurs Chairman for the past 32 years handed their letter to me, saying that he would only deal with them through me. I renewed negotiations with Trinidad and suggested Jamaica instead of B.G. As you know, it again fell through.."

"JAMAICA however were very keen indeed and I received a most charming letter from their Council thanking me for the trouble I had taken and stating that my efforts were to be rewarded with the fact that they intended to invite the 'Spurs next close season ...."

PRIDEAUX went to the Cup Final and says that there was not the usual keen excitement apparent, and that West Bromwich Albion fully deserved to win.

ONE LITTLE point in Prideaux's letter amused and amazed me. He said that Pearson, the West Bromwich Albion goal-keeper attended his first Cup Final as an infant in arms to see his father play for the team, years before.

"PRID" refereed regularly for the Berks and Bucks Football League, and gave me a terrible shock when he said that he had been asked to umpire at Wimbledon Tennis Tournament this year. I'd love to see him up in the high chair, and hear his commanding voice!