The World And His Wife

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Jamaica Gleaner



HIS EXCELLENCY the Governor, Lady Denham and Master John Denham, along with Commander Rushbrooke and Miss Douthet, last Saturday attended the third inter-colonial football match between Trinidad and Jamaica, at Sabina Park.


WE SAID a sad farewell to our Trinidad football friends on Tuesday, though to tell the truth there was nothing exactly sad about that last hour before the ship sailed; they left in the Colombia about midnight, going to Colombia where they will play a series of four games before returning to Trinidad.

THEY WERE the guests of honour at a Farewell Dinner at the Chatham Hotel in Montego Bay on Monday night.

ALSO AT a very enjoyable dinner given by Mr. G. M. daCosta at South Camp Road Hotel last Saturday night.

THAT POPULAR lad Frank Ambard was a special guest at the jolly little cocktail party given by Mr. and Mrs. Romney on Tuesday evening, and he says there is nothing in Trinidad to equal "T.T.L."


"A PERFECT DAY and a good game" rewarded those who attended the football match between the visiting Trinidadians and Montego Bay. The home team had very back luck and should have won easily, but for bad shots at goal.

IN THE ENCLOSURE and taking a keen interest in the play could be seen Hon. P. F. Lightbody, M.L.C., Hon. F. M. Kerr-Jarret and party, Rev. E. B. Baker and party, Commander and Mrs. Ross, Mr. H. R. Milliner, Mr. and Mrs. F. Cory, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hart, Major and Mrs. Windler, Mr. Lionel Hawthorne and party, Colonel C. Ogilvie and Mr. Charles Ogilvie, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Farquharson, Rev. G. and Mrs. Moon and party, Messrs. Hoyt, Mais, Davidson, Dr. Lowe and many visitors to Jamaica.

AT THE DANCE held in honour of the Trinidad football team at the Guild Club we saw: Hon. F. M. Kerr Jarrett, Mr. Peter Kerr Jarrett, Mr. W. J. Palmer, Miss Marjory Palmer, Rev. and Mrs. Sanguinetti, Archdeacon Harrison, who seemed to enjoy themselves by simply looking on; Mr. C. Guy Campbell, Mr. Edga Hallett, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Darbey, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Preston, Mr. H. Q. Levy and party of Brown's Town, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Levy, Mrs. Isabell Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Scott, Mr. A. McFarlane, Mr. W. Gordon Hilton, Miss Ashley, Mr. N. A. Clare and party, Mr. Kingsley Clark, Miss Hill, Mr. Ken Hill, Dr. S. C. Nethersole, Mr. Mike Hanna, Mr. Bernard O'Toole, Mr. St. J. V. Thompson, Dr. F. L. James, Miss Tula Nunes, Mr. and Mrs. Webster.